We are manned entirely by volunteers and receive no funding of any description other than what we raise ourselves. All our members give their time and effort for free, to assist the community and our partners. We are available 24hrs a day, 365 days a year to provide 4×4 transportation services as required. We make a small charge for the service we provide to cover the running costs of the group.
We are a member of 4×4 Response UK, the national governing body covering all regional 4×4 Response groups, being a member of 4×4 Response UK means we are able to call upon neighbouring groups should we require additional resources.
Our responders are covered by public liability insurance, we carry out a series of checks and assessments on our responders to ensure that our partners receive the highest standards of service possible. All responders vehicles are checked to ensure they are road worthy. We have a wide selection of vehicles available meaning we are able to cover almost any request for assistance we receive.
We have a core of support members which help support the group and are vital in the smooth operation of the group. They are involved in many ways, from running control and dispatching responders, to travelling with the responders as a “second pair of hands”.

We carry out regular training with our responders to ensure that their skills stay at a high level. We are in the process of training all of our members with basic life saving first aid qualifications.
If you are interested in finding out more, either to become a member or feel we may be of assistance to your organisation, then please visit the contact us page.