Forum FAQ’s

How do I add a signature to my posts?

You can set up a signature which is placed below your forum post in profile settings. This is found in the Members Area > Profile Settings. The signature is in the “Base” category.

How do I format my forum posts?

The forums accept BBcode to format your message. The attached images provide a list of the formatting options and the codes needed to enable them.

Standard Codes

Advanced Codes

How can I see which are new posts?

There is a small orange “New” icon next to the forums which contain new posts. If you click on the Icon it will display the new posts from within that forum or group of forums.

Where can I find the latest activity in the forums?

If you’re on a desktop browser, the latest activity is located in a window on the right hand side. On a mobile browser, the latest activity window is towards the bottom of the page, just keep scrolling down. The activity is limited to forums that you have access to.