Members Visit to Highways England

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Members Visit to Highways England RCC

Our Members visit to the Highways England Regional Control Centre in Birmingham provided a great opportunity for us all to understand more about what goes in to keeping our Motorways and Major Trunk roads flowing. These are just a few things that drivers can do to keep themselves, and others safer on the roads.


30% of breakdowns are as a result of running out of fuel. Make sure you have enough fuel for your journey, and don't forget if you do get caught in a hold up, then your vehicle efficiency will decrease significantly so you may not get as far as you think.

Get Out

If you are unlucky enough to breakdown on the Motorway don't panic. Make your way safely to a refuge area on an Smart Motorway, or the hard shoulder on a traditional Motorway. Get yourself and all passengers out of the car, and behind the safety barrier wherever possible. Leave pets in the vehicle.

Know where you are

Alongside all Motorways are small numbered marker posts. Each is numbered and providing the number to Highways England (or a recovery agent) will enable everyone to pinpoint your location quickly.

Be Covered

Ensure you have breakdown cover. Be weary about basic cover that only gets you to a place of safety. You could be left with a hefty bill to get home.

Take a Break

Plan breaks in to your journey. Driving tired can be as dangerous as drink driving.

Obey Matrix Signs

Matrix signs are set for the safety of the public and the Motorway Workforce. Red X abuse puts you and others in danger, and many police forces are now using CCTV images to retrospectively prosecute drivers for offences.