Response Kit

Over the years, our responders have built up various goodies that they find useful to have with them when they are volunteering with our group. Below, you’ll find various examples of the types of things that some of our responders keep with them, some are essential, some less so, but hopefully all useful!. Clicking on the image will take you to the product on Amazon, so that you can see more detail. As we are an Amazon affiliate, if you continue to make a purchase we will benefit from earning a fee.  You could also sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime while you’re here. 


1000 lumen LED Pocket Torch

Magnetic Inspection Lamp

25m Beam LED Keyring Torch

Super Bright Rechargeable Torch

Powerful Head Torch

Be seen….

Magnetic Road Flares

Roadside Flares

Hi-Viz Vest

HiViz Over Trousers

Collapsible Cones


KlickFast screw fit garment dock

KlickFast short drop belt dock

klickFast Pocket Torch Dock

KlickFast Smartphone pouch

360 Pocket Torch Belt Holster

Health and Safety….

First Aid Kit

Hand Sanitizer

Baby Wipes

Foil Blankets

Medical Gloves


Folding Toilet

Fire Extinguisher

Microfibre Towel

Hand Warmers


Samsung USB car charger

Quick Charge USB Car Charger

Rechargable Lighter

Li-ion Charger

Solar / Dynamo Charger

Getting unstuck…

Recovery Tow Strap

Folding Shovel

Snow Chains

Snow Socks


Bin Bags

Jump Start Power Pack

Traction Boards

Ice Scraper


12V Kettle


Thermos Flask

Water Container

Frying Pan

Food and Drink…

Coffee in a can


Pot Noodle

Meal Pack

Snack Bars


Birmingham OS Map




Sat Nav

Vehicle Accessories…

Spare Fuses

Spare Bulbs

Fuel Can

12V Tyre Inflator

12V Splitter + USB